• Dov Katz – Personal and Professional Life

  • Posted on July 31, 2018
  • Dubi Katz, being a roboticist has achieved a lot of things both in his personal and professional life. He is an Israeli but decided to move to the United States to further improve his robotics expertise. He had his Ph.D. work at the UMass Robotics Lab and created a new paradigm for the autonomous robots. He also had done research on a lot of interesting subjects such as pile manipulation, interactive perception for autonomous manipulation, manipulating articulated objects, and intelligent object exploration.

    He joined Oculus and his work is mainly on computer vision including the very first commercial virtual reality position tracking. His stellar track record made him one of the most sought-after resource persons. He was invited to give talks about his academic research and his professional experience, especially when he was working for Oculus/Facebook.
    Katz life is not all about robotics. In his free time, he makes time to enjoy the things he loves doing; well, aside from robotics. He enjoys cooking and baking. He bakes with his kids, which is actually their bonding moments. He is a food enthusiast and in fact shares some of his recipes with his online followers. 

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